spruce gum salve
spruce gum salve - naidié nezų

spruce gum salve

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When wounded, spruce trees create a self-healing substance, called spruce gum or alternatively, spruce pitch. The gum seeps from the wound, and forms golden amber jewels sealing the trunk from harm.  Our Indigenous ancestors have been using spruce gum to promote wound healing since time immemorial.  On winter walks, this gum is sweetly harvested from under the tree's wound to ensure that a coating is left for the trees own protection + healing.  

Our spruce gum salve is made by triple infusing hand picked spruce gum in a blend of organic oils & then mixing this resinous oil with organic beeswax and/or rice bran wax to create a skin balm that can be applied to the skin + used to soothe common skin irritations.

If you prefer a vegan version of our spruce gum salve that is formulated with certified organic rice bran wax instead of beeswax, simply choose the vegan option from the drop down menu below.


ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, picea mariana (black spruce) resin**, calophyllum inophyllum (tamanu/foraha) nut oil*, cera alba (beeswax)* and/or rice bran wax*, tocopherols (vitamin e) oil*, polygycerol-3 (cera bellina) beeswax.

*certified organic ingredient

**wildcrafted ingredient