about us

naidié nezų (pronounced similar to nye-tee neh-zoe) is an Indigenous owned, botanical-based business that believes in the power of Indigenous plants. our products are created through the blending of natural, effective ingredients with nourishing vitamins and oils, and they contain handpicked botanicals from across the North* that have been proven through our Dene ancestral knowledge to moisturize, nourish, and heal stressed skin. naidié nezų formulates with the highest quality, purist ingredients because safer, gentler, and cleaner products belong in the hands of everyone. 

a principled approach

naidié nezų understands that buzzwords like ‘natural’ & ‘green’ don’t often accurately reflect the ingredients and practices behind most labels and to this end, we assure you our dedication is uncompromising when it comes to the creation of authentic, transparent, nourishing botanical- based products that allow us to live simpler, more natural lives. we also understand the principles of pharmacology including that even natural plant based ingredients can be harmful depending on the concentration and the use of synthetic ingredients at times is inevitable (example – there is no such thing as an ‘organic broad spectrum preservative’ for cosmetics which contain both water and oil). when we do have to incorporate synthetic ingredients, we follow the COSMetic Organic and natural Standard (COSMOS) and prefer to only use those that are COSMOS approved & eco-certified.

getting free

naidié nezų products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, palm oil, and synthetic fragrances and dyes (including micas), & while we are not a vegan business, we believe in the autonomy of choice and do offer a few vegan friendly products.

taking a stand

naidié nezų supports Indigenous harvesting techniques, Indigenous rights & sovereignty, Black liberation, Black Lives Matter, fair trade, cruelty-free principles, sustainable sourcing, sustainable farming, & sustainable cosmetic packaging initiatives including the use of recycled & eco-friendly materials. further to this, naidié nezų is committed to completely phasing out the use of plastic containers in the very near future and any plastics we are currently using are PET certified + BPA free. we also offer a local refill service for most of our products & strongly encourage our customers to reuse our packaging before recycling.

giving back

naidié nezų is committed to giving back and donates 10% of its proceeds to Indigenous grassroots land-based initiatives. for our first year we have chosen the Łutsel Kʼe Women’s Group and its 2020 Hide Tanning Camp as our primary recipient. for more information on our giving back program please contact us at info@naidienezu.com

*the Dene refer to our homelands in the North as Denendeh.