borealis bath blend - naidié nezų
borealis bath blend - naidié nezų
borealis bath blend - naidié nezų

borealis bath blend

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Experience the restorative power of herbal hydrotherapy and soften and soothe your skin by infusing your bath with this relaxing, sweet, earthy and floral Borealis Bath Blend that contains three different types of salt, including salt from our local salt flats, handpicked flowers, calamine powder, + colloidal oatmeal.

This product weighs 250 g/ 8 oz (enough for three baths!) + comes in a resealable kraft paper bag made from recycled materials. It is also unscented, gentle + suitable for sensitive skin types. You can choose between our single bags or indulge in our Borealis Bath Blend Gift Set that comes with our custom wooden scoop, reusable cloth bag, and coconut milk + colloidal oatmeal booster. 

*Due to the increase in demand this product is available right now as a pre-order*


sodium chloride**, magnesium sulfate, avena sativa*, cocos nucifera (coconut) extract*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, calamine*, chamomille recutita**, calendula officinalis**, rosa centifolia**, lavandula angustifolia**, centaurea (cornflower) cyanus*, pink (kaolin) clay

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Thank you

Just ordered. So excited to receive. Thank you!

Beware of Trolls

Comments from the one-star was probably the same person, who read the news link and followed the site. Likely has never tried the product. Dude doesn't know the history...maybe if he was first on the land, only to have strangers arrive and eventually strip away this land, and also his heritage, identity, children, rights, etc. then he would understand. Lose the ignorance dude!

tara j

These salts make my skin so soft. I usually have sensitive skin that doesn't love any kind of product but these are great! Bonus that they are ethically sourced and supporting Dene rights ✊️

Jared Telegdi
My softest skin

I think it's the pink clay and the jojoba oils that is such a balm to my skin. I like to add some coconut oil to a small amount of the bath blend and the tiniest bit of water to rub my hands with before submerging them in the bath. Don't know if that's recommended, but it's nice on my work worn hands!

I'd recommend this product, it's soothing and gives a unique feel. I now only use products made from natural ingredients only and you find that here.

Love it!!!!

This product is amazing! Great for the skin and even better when you know that it’s being harvested as part of the brand owners constitutionally protected treaty rights!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾