chaga sweetener - naidié nezų

chaga sweetener

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Enjoy a boost of antioxidants with our wild Chaga Sweetener!

Because many of the antioxidants can be destroyed when making Chaga preparations that involve heat (like tea), we decided to create a product that does not require heat to ensure all of those amazing free radical fighting antioxidants survive & deliver maximum wellness support. To achieve this we infuse our hand picked Chaga in an organic, food grade, kosher, self-preserving, plant based sweetener that is derived from coconuts. 

Our Chaga Sweetener is low on the glycemic index scale making it both diabetic safe & stable at room temperature for at least 12 months! 

Add a few drops to your coffee or tea or take a small dropper full daily for optimal wellness support. 

*this product does not contain alcohol*