Chaga Tea - naidié nezų

chaga tea

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This mushroom shows up as a sclerotia (concentrated growth) that is found mostly on birch trees in the northern regions of our planet and is well known and used extensively by Indigenous people of northern Canada, Europe and Siberia. As a superfood and medicine Chaga has gained much popularity over the last 10 years, mostly due to its heavily researched potential anti-tumor and immuno-modulating properties. Chaga is also employed as a potent antioxidant for which it is starting to get quite a reputation. Chaga has a rich and robust flavour with hints of vanilla that is quite enjoyable and blends well with other herbs and superfoods. 

Our wild crafted Chaga Tea is sustainably harvested and handpicked from remote parts of the Northwest where there is an abundance of birch trees. Enjoy our Chaga Tea alone or mixed with your coffee, hit chocolate, + other tea blends for an extra boost of antioxidants!

How to make: bring water to a boil, turn down to low + add one chaga chunk to water. Steep until reached desired concentration and temperature + enjoy. 

PS - don’t forget to dry your Chaga after brewing your tea because the chunks can be reused up to 10 times! 

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